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There are currently loads of puff pieces (mindless corporate fluff, no technical considerations) about #Rust coming to #Linux in the sense that Linux will become dependent on a monstrous shebang controlled by #Microsoft proprietary software; a lot of #developers very well understand the risk, but it feels like nobody wants to face the mob (for saying out loud that the emperor is naked

# "and # is apparently a kernel now" #

Darkening the Counterpart's Reputation: # (Sometimes Microsoft-Funded) Media Describing Every Security Issue -- Even Windows Issues -- as 'Linux'

The perception manipulation campaign (it certainly feels like one) keeps # in the headlines in relation to security issues that aren't even in Linux; we know who stands to benefit from it and the people who promote these messages are sometimes - 1/2

In this one, there's a heap overflow bug in the legacy_parse_param in the Linux #kernel 's fs/fs_context.c program. This parameter is used in #Linux #filesystems during superblock creation for mount and #superblock reconfiguration for a remount. The superblock records all of a filesystem's characteristics such as file size, block size, empty and filled storage blocks. So, yeah, it's important.

8 Reasons to Switch from #Windows to #Linux - Make Tech Easier

There's been an upsurge in the number of users switching from Windows to Linux. Here are the reasons to make that switch from Windows to Linux.

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GLX goes Social :-D

"Hello World"

wir, ein kleines (aber feines) Team von Entwicklern und Admins schließen uns nun auch "offiziell" dem Digitalen und sozialen Ozean an.

Wir informieren euch hier über die "digitale Selbstverteidigung", Daten Integrität, und natürlich viiieeele #GNU #Linux Tipps & Tricks.

Wir freuen uns auch auf den regen Austausch mit allen hier im #fediverse

Live long and prosper!