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We would like to thank everyone involved in and contributing to this day, as well as the countless developers, translators, community managers, artists and anyone else involved in #.

"I Love Free Software Day": Free Software games and a SharePic generator - FSFE

Since 2010 the Free Software Foundation Europe has been organising the yearly "I Love Free Software Day". Together with hundreds of Free Software enthusias...

The Corporate Cabal (and Spy Agencies-Enabled Monopolies) Engages in Raiding of the #FreeSoftware #Community and #Hacker #Culture

In an overt attack on the people who actually did all the work — the geeks who built excellent software to be gradually privatised through the Linux Foundation (a sort of price-fixing and openwashing cartel for shared interests of proprietary software firms) — is receiving more widespread condemnati


#Mastodon Has Turned #FreeSoftware Into a Mechanism by Which to Exercise Unjust Power Over Users

Political agenda being advanced using Free software licences contributes to this idea that Free software isn't truly free and there are political restrictions, however subtle or implicit they may seem