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#techrights This is why more and more people start speaking of #Freesoftware instead of Open Source. It’s also why many geeks have started dabbling in BSDs.

In fact, #Windows now embeds MSHTML/Trident into their latest disaster, the #Chromium -based Edge, which is packed with malware and spyware directly from Microsoft, including a keylogger trojan called “SmartScreen” and “Windows Defender”.


# # Exposé — Part XVII — Backsliding Into 1990s-Style Digital Slavery by Microsoft

The fake "social justice" claims or posturing by Microsoft ought to have been exposed by recent affairs, involving the very CEO or public face of GitHub, who moreover thinks rape jokes are appropriate


# "and # is apparently a kernel now" #

Darkening the Counterpart's Reputation: # (Sometimes Microsoft-Funded) Media Describing Every Security Issue -- Even Windows Issues -- as 'Linux'

The perception manipulation campaign (it certainly feels like one) keeps # in the headlines in relation to security issues that aren't even in Linux; we know who stands to benefit from it and the people who promote these messages are sometimes - 1/2

#Microsoft #GitHub Exposé — Part XV — Cover-Up and Defamation

Defamation of one’s victims might be another offence to add to the long list of offences committed by Microsoft’s Chief Architect of GitHub Copilot, Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley; attempting to discredit the police report is a new low and can get Mr. Graveley even deeper in trouble (Microsoft protectin


#2FA #Techrights
Two Factor Surveillance and Fake Security Practices

Rob’s videos have recently covered some of the reasons why “2FA is a Big Tech Scam!” and “Why This is Not About Security”; so today we want to highlight some of the issues (there’s more on that coming up tomorrow)



This article is reproduced with a foreword about how Microsoft’s staff were forewarned (and ignored the warnings). As usual, when it comes to Azure, Microsoft just ignores security-related issues because security is not an actual goal. We saw that again very recently. “Covered this a few years ago,” Mitchel Lewis told us, citing new reports such as this one.


Summary: Ahead of our 15th anniversary we’ll have published several more important series; we’re preparing for the next suppression/censorship attempts